Buhle & Kudzi Wedding

I remember when Buhle the bride got in touch with us it was for a picnic and we weren't available, a few months later however we began to talk about her wedding. One thing that was outstanding about Buhle is that she had a distinct vision for her wedding. I met her hubby Kudzi the day of the pre-wedding photo shoot, he is a very charming guy, the wedding was in a few days and they had both just back from Australia where they both live.

The wedding came and what a day it was, the deco for the ceremony was so beautiful the floral arrangements, the doors by the entry way, looking at that deco just made me feel like it was going to be a great day. The love between Buhle & Kudzi was such a joy to capture you could see how so in love there are with each other, the icing on the the cake for me was the couple trusted that we would be able to capture their vision. Below is a sneak peak into their wedding enjoy🍾🥂.

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